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Public art makes cities interesting

The people of New Zealand have always expressed their identity through works of art. The tangata whenua paid homage to their whakapapa in the carved wooden posts that held up their meeting houses, creating environments steeped in ancestral awareness and shared history. Public artwork is a medium for collective community expression, celebration of the landscape and the enrichment of city life.

Art creates places that are meaningful and express the quality and character of our communities. Internationally and nationally, cities possessing a culture of great civic design become sites of healthy urbanism and places where people want to be. Public artworks are more than landmarks; they signify that our city is aware of itself, its past and its future and that we take pride in our identity.

Public art can be innovative and interactive. Although the classic image of static bronze or stone structures have a well established place, they only encompass a portion of what we think of as contemporary public art. 

Hamilton is known for innovation, particularly in the science and agricultural sectors. MESH looks forward to continuing to work with local companies to bring imaginative and innovative artworks to this city.