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Creating unique public art experiences in Hamilton

MESH Sculpture Hamilton is a charitable trust formed in 2010 by a group of business and community leaders to raise money for and commission nationally significant artworks, which are then gifted to the city. By working closely with Hamilton City Council and private landowners, MESH provides the opportunity for donors to see their contributions supporting a long-term philanthropic enterprise in line with the council’s public art plan.

MESH does not receive ratepayer funding.

Curator Laree Payne and her support team are recognised members of the arts community. Their purpose is to ensure that the artwork for each site is responsive to the location, constructed from enduring, quality materials and of the highest artistic standard.

The MESH Board of Trustees put their energy behind the Curatorial Panel’s recommendations, financing the artworks with funds raised from businesses and private individuals. The board members are local community leaders with the experience, business knowledge and vision to manage these broad-spectrum projects.

Film documentation  and Education are keys to the ongoing success of the MESH projects. All projects include funding to support film and education initiatives.

MESH is about getting to know like-minded people and learning about public art at the same time. We organise trips and artist talks for our supporters.