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Karen O’Meeghan


A passionate arts supporter of both performing and visual arts. Karen enjoys “seeking out” and appreciating sculptures in cities when travelling with her family. She is therefore proud to be part of MESH’s vision for Hamilton and strongly believes public sculpture enriches our community and helps to create a sense of pride in our city.

Jonathon Cameron

Jonathan Cameron is the Head of Visual Arts and Arts Leader of Curriculum at St Paul’s Collegiate School in Kirikiriroa. Passionate about arts education and living in an environment where art surrounds, he is committed to supporting the kaupapa of MESH Sculpture Trust, bringing new works to our city and creating further opportunities for discussion via the power of art.

Stuart Anderson


Stuart is a senior investment advisor and shareholder at Craigs Investment Partners, and a member of the NZ Institute of Directors and the NZ Stock Exchange. Stuart brings experience in public relations, strategy development and outstanding strategic focus to his work with MESH.

Alison Ewing

Alison is a physiotherapist and dedicated art collector as well as belonging to an art collection group. She is a member of the Waikato Society of Arts; Friend of the Waikato Museum and the previous owner of a Hamilton based art hire business. Alison brings to MESH a hands-on attitude, a talent for creative solutions and a knack for connecting people.

Matt Stark

Having spent most of his life in Hamilton, Matt wears his belief in the city on his sleeve. As Director of Stark Properties Limited, Matt is involved in the careful and considered development of several key properties in downtown Hamilton. Matt’s understanding of the cityscape and those involved in its future are invaluable to MESH.

Peter Fanning

Peter is an art enthusiast. He believes the experience of art should be available to the many, not the few and public sculpture is a way to achieve this.

Peter is a senior lawyer and current chairman of Tompkins Wake’s Board of Partners. That discipline allows him a unique perspective on the interface of art and commerce.

Dallas Fisher

Dallas is an entrepreneurial businessman with interests in Montana Catering, NDA Group, ForumPoint2 and People Media Group. He holds independent Directorships in Go Bus, Strada Corp, Chiefs Rugby Club and Rhythm and Vines. Dallas’ growing interest in the arts over the last 5 years, his commitment to the Waikato along with his business networks delivers a continual stream of ideas and concepts for the Trust.