We are now planning our next project and your generosity is making it possible - thank you!

2017 sponsor list

Gold ($5000.00 plus)

Sue Collinge & Margaret Fairhurst

Alison & Mark Ewing

Southern Trust

Grassroots Trust


 Silver ( $2500.00 plus)

Stafford Industries (NZ) Limited

David Lloyd

Bronze ( $1000.00 plus)

Glennis du Chatenier


Jill Bindon & Bruce Sheridan

Pip & Richard Willoughby

David and Helen Nielsen

O'Meeghan Orthopaedics

Sha & Mark Eman

The Bech Family

Friends ( Up to $1000.00)

Pru Butler

Colin and June Crabb

Jan Gilby

Jacob Quinn

Dan Silverton & Michelle Coursey

David Edson

I & D Dingwall

A McLaughlin

Deborah Duffield/G Bowditch

Ann McEwan 

Barry & Catherine Smith

Jo & Phil Hollobon

Jason and Therese Cargo


A full list of the generous Hamilton loving donors who contributed to the Cultural Precinct Project (Tongue of the Dog) can be found here.

We appreciate those who have made ongoing pledges;

  • Sharon Honiss Family Trust
  • Glennis du Chatenier
  • Alison and Mark Ewing
  • Stafford Industries (NZ) Ltd
  • Jan Gilby
  • The Bech Family

Many thanks to our Founding Donors whose donation was received before the unveiling of Beat Connection in November 2012.

Please visit our giving page if you would like to donate.